CNC Upgrade

Added a more powerful spindle (the cutting motor). This will allow me to cut deeper passes and speed the process up considerably.  After all, who wants to watch a machine cut for hours on end.



Sold my first two coins today. 📦📦

Thrilled today with the sale of a Bitcoin and DigiByte. It’s taken a while to get the process to a point where I feel the quality is good enough. I have to admit, I almost gave up. So much waste and retrying. I am excited about new coins, NEO, ETH, ICX, etc. I may be a little bias and want to make the ones I have a position in first.  😜

New Coin, DigiByte?

The weekend approaches and I’m gearing up for a new coin. 2 hours of polishing this piece of brass and that’s just the initial pass. gorgeous piece of metal and there is a coin in there somewhere. I think that because I used the old #DigiByte logo last time, I should do it again with the new version.

John McAfee Meme War

This was my entry for the John McAfee #BTCP meme war. I received plenty of votes and I thank the Bitcoin Private community for their votes. It did not win but I did receive some #BTCP from @bigdaveakers who had promised to dish out some winnings to members if he won, and he did!. Congratulations to him  and thank you for your generosity.